Reviews of Too Near The Edge
Reviewed by Diane Kasperski
December, 2006
Adam Meyer is deeply troubled and needs to get away.
Everyone recommends going hiking at the Grand
Canyon. Unfortunately for Adam someone pushes him
over the edge to his death. However, the police rule his
death as a suicide and do not do any investigating.
Cleo Sims is a grief counselor with a controversial way
of helping her patients. She has a special therapy called
the Contact Project. The Contact Project helps clients
get in touch with loved ones who have died so that
there can be closure.
Sharon Meyer desperately wants to see if the Contact
Project could help her contact Adam. She doesn't
accept that Adam killed himself as they were so happy.
The more Cleo finds out about details surrounding the
death of Adam, the more suspicious she is that his
death was no accident.
Who could have killed him and why? There are quite a
few suspects. All of them have secrets and all of them
want to keep their secrets hidden at all costs.
Cleo believes deeply in her Contact Project. Tyler, a true
'surfing dude,' is a spirit that she unintentionally
contacts during her first time in the "apparition room."
He pops in and out of Cleo's world every once in a
while, giving her clues. The problem is the clues are in
surfer's lingo and very vague. The one consistent
message is that she "needs to ride the wave to the
Cleo's biggest problem throughout is--whom can she
trust? What was bothering Adam so much that he had
to go away to think about it? The mystery deepens and
gets more complicated the more she finds out, all
leading to a very exciting and unexpected standoff
towards the end.
Armchair Interviews says: Murder, suicide--which is it?
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Reviewed by Jennifer Andrew
December, 2006
Too Near The Edge is set in present day Boulder
Colorado and is told in the first person by a character
named Cleo, short for Cleopatra.  Her profession as a
Medium and Grief Counselor brings her into touchy
situations but she never thought it would lead her
into a world of intrigue, mystery and murder.  Cleo is
asked to help a grief stricken single mother who lost
her husband Adam in a tragic accident but her client,
Sharon, thinks her husband could have been
murdered.  Using Cleo’s techniques at helping her
clients to contact their loved ones, Sharon gets clues
from beyond the grave to help solve her husband’s
mystery.  Cleo has problems of her own when Sharon’
s life starts to interfere with her livelihood, which
forces Cleo to take a stand for her beliefs and come
to the aid of her client.
The prominent characters in the novel move the story
along to build suspense.  Cleo gets visited from time
to time by Tyler, a surfer apparition who gives her
clues in slang surfer language that she has to
decipher.  Her “boyfriend” Pablo thwarts her
profession while Erik, a fitness trainer and
nutritionist, tries to pawn his herbal business on her.  
Dr Waycroft, Sharon’s father, is an overbearing, self-
righteous behavioral psychologist who ends up
making Cleo’s life unbearable if she insists on
standing in his way.  The reader will be able to
identify with many of these characters in the book as
well as the minor characters who play a role in the
flow of the story.
Too Near The Edge gets a hold of you from the first
page and you can’t seem to put the book down.  The
author makes you keep reading to see what Cleo is
engaged in next.  The reader gets carried away by
Cleo’s actions and ends up rooting for her drive to do
the right thing and hope she doesn’t blunder into any
trouble.  Lynn Osterkamp makes the reader frown at
Pablo’s insensitivity towards Cleo’s situation but you
end up breathing a sigh of relief when he comes
through for her.
The interesting thing about this novel is that it
appears to be three mysteries entangled into one.  
The reader must figure out what happened to Adam
as well as experience the sequence the characters
have to go through to figure out Adam’s demise.  
The third mystery lies with Dr. Ahmed, the physician
in charge at the retirement home in which Cleo’s
grandmother resides, and what he’s involved in.
This exciting novel by Lynn Osterkamp is
recommended to anyone who loves mysteries.  
Throw in humor with a paranormal twist and you
have an adventure on your hands.
Jennifer Andrew
Freelance Writer / Book Reviewer
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