Lynn Osterkamp

A paranormal mystery series set in Boulder, Colorado
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The Cleo Sims Mystery Series
What if you found a device that would program your dreams to transport
you back to specific moments from your past? What if it could put you
back inside your former self to vividly and accurately relive special times
you thought were gone forever?
What days of your life would you choose to live again? Precious hours with
lost loved ones? Fun-filled family gatherings? Exhilarating adventures from
bygone days? Confusing events you can’t remember clearly? Successes
when you performed at your peak? Special times with friends?

Retired judge Anne Weller Barnes longs for the close family she sees in her
mind’s eye and in the decades-old family movies. But in Anne’s actual family,
the shocking circunstances surrounding a long-ago tragedy have created
misunderstanding and distrust.
When her estranged brother dies and leaves her an invention called the
Memory Enhancer that recovers old memories as clearly as the day they
were made, Anne dives into her past, hoping to find a way to help her family
be close again. Instead, family members dispute her newly recovered
memories, which leads her to share the device with them, resulting in
discoveries and realizations that change their lives forever.
Lynn's new novel, Bittersweet Memories, is a moving story that
explores yearning for the past, the unreliability of memory, and the
powerful impact of family secrets.
In writing Bittersweet Memories, I have drawn on my own family experiences and my own longing to revisit my family’s
past. My parents died when I was young and they were young (although neither of them was shot), and I and my
siblings have felt the impact of that in many ways. I created the Memory Enhancer for my fictional family to help them
learn from their pasts, and in the process I learned a lot about myself and remembered much that I had forgotten.

I’m still not sure whether or not the Memory Enhancer would be a good invention, but I expect someone will eventually
create it and we will find out.